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  Add To Life Adult Daycare

Helping families stay Together

This year was brought on with state surveys on our agenda.
In April, Delmarva (Inspectors for the association of persons with disabilities) surveyed our centers program and we received 100%.
On June 22, AHCA (The Agency for Health Care Administration) surveyed the center for its biennial license survey and we did it again 100%.

Our Services
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snack prepared on site and approved by a licensed dietician

  • Personal Care Services (hair, teeth, nails, clothes)

  • Full time nurse on site who administers medication, tube feedings, and first aid as needed

  • Incontinence care/Bathing

  • Daily activities including: manicures, bingo, crafts, cognitive stimulation, exercise, shake-n-bake, games, and much more

  • Field Trips

  • Adult Day Training program: for eligible disabled adults to help with continued basic education, safety skills, socialization and other life skills

  • Frequent volunteers stopping by, including members of local R.E.D.H.A.T. groups, gospel singers, and musicians

  • Community Outreach Programs, including:

  • Friends of Hope: Providing daycare scholarships for people in need but unable to obtain funding

  • Safe Neighbor Fund: Add To Life’s fund to raise money and provide adult daycare services to those in our own community